Would you like to get involved in the Rutherford community? If so, How?

 Following are the results to the question: “Would you like to get involved in the Rutherford community? If so, How?”  This question is one of several found in the Rutherford Community Questionnaire.


Rough Statistics

About 50 % of the respondents answered this question.

About 33% of the respondents answered positively, of which 18% said they would like to get involved and 14% said the are currently involved.

About 11.5% answered negatively of which 4% gave age as a reason.


Areas of Voluntary Service

It bodes well that a third of the respondents either are willing to get involved or are currently involved in the community.

Those who are already involved cover a wide area of voluntary services: 

  • PTA
  • Girl Scouts
  • Little League
  • Recreation Department
  • Kip Center
  • Womans' Club
  • Garden Club
  • Assemble the jungle gym at Memorial Field
  • Friends of the Library
  • Community Chest


Stepping up to the Plate

One respondent “would love to see others step up to the plate and get involved. . . but for the good of the Rutherford community, not as a stepping stone to further personal agendas...”

Some of the ways in which respondents would like to get involved are:

  • Offer knowledge in stats and research methods
  • Volunteer time and effort in community events
  • advocate for existing progressive projects and trees
  • Run for Board of Education office
  • organize a recreation tennis team
  • Do something with library or parks
  • open a business on Park Avenue
  • Make Rutherford green
  • keep Rutherford clean
  • work with the Community Garden


Declining to Participate

Those respondents who declined to get involved in the community said simply “no”, “too many responsibilities”, or “not my job”. Others who may want to get involved declined due to being “too old” or of “advanced age”. 

 What if those currently involved in the community or those looking to get involved worked with these elders so that their advanced age would not serve as a barrier to their participation?