Future of Rutherford

Question:  What are you most concerned about when looking to the future of the Borough?  How would you propose to address these concerns?

In addressing this difficult question, the majority of respondents (87.5%) cited two issues as primary in their concern for the future of the Borough.  They are as follows:

  • The prevailing disputatious nature of our elected officials.
  • Better (i.e., more effective) use of our escalating tax dollars.

Concerning the former, respondents were particularly specific about the need to end pervasive in-fighting.  62% of those responding indicated that a genuine, concerted effort is needed to develop a comprehensive plan that puts the Borough - and its continued well being - above partisan politics and personal ego.  Respondents agreed that making difficult decisions would not be easy.  But given the Boroughs precarious financial situation, decisions must be made, and made without regard to personal preference and party politics.

The concern over taxes drew less specific, more general concerns.  Chief among these was the concern on the part of 67% of the respondents that more seems to produce less in terms of community and social services available to residents.  The very aspects of the Borough's quality of life that make it so appealing are now in danger of disappearing.  Once again, respondents overwhelmingly expressed their concern over the continued lack of leadership on the part of our elected office in making the kinds of decisions that will help contain the escalating costs that are so detrimental to the future of the Borough.

It should be noted, however, that 100% of our respondents remain positive about the Borough and expressed pride in  its level of quality of life.  However, 96% of those who participated felt that serious changes must be made as soon as possible, and 58% expressed the desire for a more responsive Mayor and Council.  

Obviously the road to the future is not an easy one, but should everyone be willing to forebear, sacrifice and cooperate we can work to save what makes our Borough so uniquely livable.